Covered Patio Gliders made by Veranda Jardin

verano by veranda jardin covered patio glider from raber patios

Verano Glider $2295

The Verano glider is $2295. It is available in Gray and Brown, comes with 4 seats and is a must for the summer with its synchronized rocking movement. Its aluminum and stainless steel structure will not rust and is made to last in all types of climate. It is possible to leave the swing outside during winter, though we recommend taking the top off to avoid any premature wear-and-tear. The woven seats and top are made of a high quality acrylic fabric that is weather resistant and dries quickly.

kaza brown covered glider by veranda jardin

Gliders fit any outdoor space

The most advanced gliding patio and garden swing ever made will fit into your outdoor living space as if it were custom made for you. These patio gliders are built in Canada by the Veranda Jardin company and have a long history of quality. Raber Patios is one of only 2 dealers for this product in the US. Stop by our showroom and relax in a Verano or Mobilia covered glider.

mobilia veranda jardin covered glider

Mobilia Glider $2795

The Mobilia is $2795. It is available in Black, Gray and Brown. Call 260-768-7100 for more info and ordering. These rolling swing gliders require little care and maintenance, though a regular cleaning and a bit of oil from time to time will keep your Veranda glider in perfect condition and it will give you many years of smooth gliding.

Raber Patio Enclosures Covered Gliders

Raber Patio Enclosures is excited to offer the covered 4 seat aluminum gliders built by Veranda Jardin. These gliders are probably the most comfortable piece of outdoor furniture you can put on your patio. Smooth gliding motion is so soothing that you may want to use our gliders for your afternoon nap. These gliders are versatile, easy to set into motion for solo gliding and a bit of privacy, but each side is large enough to comfortably fit two, to snuggle together, or just have a chat.  The entire unit glides, individual chairs or benches, table and canopy all blend into a most relaxing and enjoyable movement. Easy to get in and out of as the base does not move, so it will not be moving back and forth while you are standing on it. This is highly recommended for retirement homes as they are a big hit with the elderly. Swing on wheels 4 seats, Verano Our chairs and benches, fix or oscillatory, will give you great satisfaction given by their comfort, their design, their durability and easy maintenance. We offer a complete and diversified line of products which will perfectly fit in your garden. Whether it is our patio sets with glass or aluminum table, our oscillatory chairs with an ottoman or a chair on the side of the pool, you will spend a relaxing moment there. Call 260-768-7100 to get more information and order your new glider today.