What is a Motorized Pergola? Is the entire structure movable, or is only the roof adjustable? Are there any advantages to owning a Motorized Pergola? In this post, we’ll break down the functions and benefits of a motorized pergola and six reasons why our customers at Raber Patio can’t stop raving about them.

1. Our Motorized Pergolas Provide Adjustable Shelter and Shade

First off, a Motorized Pergola does not mean that the entire structure is movable or retractable. While our pergolas’ powder-coated aluminum frames can either be attached to a house or freestanding, the only motorized part of the pergola is the roof. Something unique about our Motorized Pergola is that the rooftop matches the pergola’s aluminum framework.

Made from solid, powder-coated aluminum, our distinctive rooftop supplies maximum shelter and shade versus cloth or plastic materials. The roof’s s-shaped aluminum boards are set 3.75” apart when open and lock together to block out rain, snow, and sunshine when closed. With a uniform and minimalistic design, our customers love our Motorized Pergolas because the adjustable aluminum rooftops allow full or partial shade when relaxing outdoors.

2. Our Sleek Structure is Customizable

Now that you understand the motorized portion of our pergolas, let’s move on to the aluminum framework. Powder-coated and customizable, the posts for our frames come with two different variations: square and scalloped. Besides these two post styles, we offer the rooftop and posts in four different colors—white, taupe, bronze, and black—which can be mixed and matched to emphasize your taste.

Regardless of which colors or styles you choose for your pergola, all our aluminum frames come with a lifetime warranty, while the motorized roofs come with a 3-year warranty. Customizable and sleek, our customers love that the aluminum framework of our Motorized Pergolas comes with a comprehensive lifetime warranty.

3. Our Motorized Pergolas are Weather-Resistant

With a sturdy aluminum framework that holds up to more than just our standards, our Motorized Pergolas can withstand wind, rain, and snow. Starting from the top, each pergola has a built-in temperature sensor, which regulates when the temperature drops to 32 degrees or below. During the winter, this feature automatically opens the roof to prevent snow piles on top of your pergola.

However, even if the temperature sensor was defective, the roof’s aluminum boards can hold 40 pounds of snow per four square feet. In case you’re wondering, that’s the equivalent of one bag of salt per four square feet piled on top of the aluminum boards. With the ability to literally uphold to winter climates, there’s no need to worry about your pergola when you’re not home.

In addition to weathering snowstorms, our pergola rooftops seal completely when closed. This feature is ideal for rainy weather because the sealed rooftop carries all rainwater to one side of the pergola while keeping the area below dry. Along with a built-in drainage system, the overall pergola structure can withstand up to 143 mile per hour winds.

Adapting to most climates, our low maintenance yet powerful Motorized Pergola can weather extreme temperature changes and the test of time. Equipped with unbeatable weather resistance, our customers love that our Motorized Pergolas make it possible to grill, eat dinner outdoors, or unwind in the hot tub even when it’s raining!

4. We Optimize Your Options

Besides our customizable, weather-resistant framework, we also offer optional features for your Motorized Pergola. One of these options is adding a gutter system, which provides extra drainage and a more “finished” look for your pergola. Another possibility is attaching screens to the sides of your pergola. These screens supply more shade under your pergola by eliminating sun from the side and can be manually adjusted or motor-operated according to your liking.

To optimize your dream outdoor setup, our pergolas are not limited to one size. We customize the size of each pergola per our customers’ requests. From small, shaded areas to extensive coverage for your back porch or yard, we build each pergola according to the amount of shelter that you want.

With that in mind, our pergolas come with a 4-channel remote control, which can adjust the motorized rooftops of up to four different units. No matter how many units you own, our remote controls allow you to conveniently manage the amount of shade or sun you prefer while relaxing outside. With an expansive radius, our customers love that our remote controls—like our Motorized Pergolas—provide the perfect amount of coverage.

5. Our Motorized Pergolas Add Value to Your Property

Because of its multipurpose structure, our Motorized Pergola will supply significant advantages for those who want to sell their house. These pergolas provide shade from rain or sunshine and shelter for an outdoor kitchen, attracting house hunters who enjoy cooking and grilling outside. Weather-resistant and aesthetically pleasing, our customers love that adding a Motorized Pergola over their porch, hot tub, or backyard increases their property value.

6. We Install Your Motorized Pergola

Once you have chosen the colors and style of your Motorized Pergola, the rest of the work is on us. Typically, setting up your Motorized Pergola takes approximately 1-3 days.

To start, our crew will come to your home and make sure the foundation where you want your Motorized Pergola is level. We will also make any adjustments your Motorized Pergola might need, like creating a cutout so that your pergola can wrap around a chimney. Regardless of additional styles or size modifications, we will shoulder the work of altering your Motorized Pergola so that you don’t have to worry about making changes in the future.

With sleek aesthetics and comprehensive framework, we provide our customers with structures built to meet their needs. Adaptability, customization, and stress-free installation are a few reasons why our customers adore our Motorized Pergolas. Because with our unmatchable construction, we don’t just assemble a product—we establish a lifetime of convenience and relaxation in your own backyard.

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