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Our Story

Born in 1949 to John and Anna, Ervin Raber was the second youngest of 5 children. From the age of seven, Ervin started practicing his “auctioneering” by selling horses and harnesses to fence posts around the Raber Farm...
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Meet Our Team

chris schlabach
Chris Schlabach
President, Co-Owner
Chris Schlabach is Raber Patio’s president and has been involved in the company for 21 years (and counting). He likes organizing the workplace and keeping the workflow operating smoothly. Outside of work, Chris enjoys deer hunting and fishing.
dean raber
Dean Raber
Dean Raber has been a part of the Raber team since 2004, and he is co-owner of Raber Patio along with Chris Schlabach. Dean enjoys employee fellowship within the workplace, hearing customers’ stories, and seeing and hearing about finished projects. Aside from his job, Dean loves golf, basketball, hunting, fishing, and traveling.
eva wingard
Eva Wingard
Store Manager
Eva has been Store Manager since 2012, and she values the flexibility of the Raber workplace. She also loves the culture of God first, family second, and Raber Patio third! Eva’s hobbies involve reading and spending time with her grandkids, kids, and friends.
devon eicher
Devon Eicher
Sales Manager
Devon Eicher is Raber Patio’s Sales Manager, and he loves how the owners live out “God first, family second, and the business third.” Devon has been a part of Raber Patio since 2015 with a great team that builds and sells amazing projects. His hobbies and interests are family time, fishing, real estate, investing, and lake life.
gerald raber
Gerald Raber
Window Wholesale, Project Coordinator
Gerald Raber enjoys communicating with clients and contractors then seeing the job end with a satisfied customer. Gerald has been a part of Raber Patio since 2016, and when he’s not at work, he likes camping, hiking, volunteering, and mission trips.
john yoder
John Yoder (JP)
Production Manager
John (JP) Yoder joined Raber Patio’s team in 2012 and works as the Production Manager. The connection of “more than just co-workers,” flexible time off, and creating awesome backyards are all a part of what JP loves about his job. Aside from work, JP enjoys golfing, playing guitar, and family time/trips.
christie hochstetler
Christie Hochstetler
Store Yard Maintenance & Furniture Assembly
Christie Hochstetler has been involved in Raber Patio since 2007, and he enjoys collaborating with his co-workers to make customers’ outdoor designs come to life. Aside from the Raber Patio family, Christie loves his grandchildren and vacationing in Florida during the winter.
elmer schwartz
Elmer Schwartz
Service Department Team Leader
As the Service Department Team Leader since 2019, Elmer Schwartz appreciates the atmosphere and variety of work at Raber Patio. Outside of work, he enjoys fishing, boating, and spending time with family.
raber patio team bg
Kathryn Borkholder
Furniture Sales
Kathryn Borkholder has worked in Furniture Sales since 2017, and she loves working with customers—answering their questions about Raber Patio’s outdoor furniture. When she’s not helping customers, Kathryn spends time gardening and baking.
heidi schwartz
Heidi Schwartz
Customer Service Representative
Since 2021, Heidi Schwartz has been Raber’s Customer Service Representative. Interacting with customers and having the chance to make their day “just a bit better” are two things she enjoys about customer service. Plus, she gets to spend her day surrounded by the BEST coworkers. Heidi loves photography, traveling, plants, coffee shops, and her family and friends.
ben schwartz
Ben Schwartz
Window & Door Sales Department
Ben Schwartz works in the Window and Door Sales Department, where he thrives in Raber Patio’s friendly atmosphere. He enjoys getting to know customers, and his other interests include spending time with family…fishing, fishing, and more fishing! He also enjoys feeding birds and birdwatching.
darren young
Darren Young
Sales Department
Working in the Sales Department, Darren thrives on meeting new people and helping them find solutions for their outdoor spaces. When he’s not working, you can find Darren riding a motorcycle or on a boat.
dave frey
Dave Frey
Purchasing, Permitting, & Scheduling
Dave Frey loves Raber Patio’s family atmosphere, the freedom to grow within the company, and figuring out how to make projects fit together with the sales team’s vision. His interests outside of the workplace include church, spending time with family, Harley riding, camping, fishing, going to races, bonfires, and working in his backyard.
jeannette huguenard
Jeannette Huguenard
Jeannette Huguenard joined Raber Patio in 2022 as an accountant. She enjoys the stress-free environment, which gives her the chance to thrive while doing the work she loves. Jeannette’s interests are reading, personal health pursuits, and time spent with family and friends.
tim hofer
Tim Hofer
Raber’s Sales Consultant
Since 2019, Tim Hofer has enjoyed being Raber’s Sales Consultant. He loves Raber Patio’s environment, plus helping customers visualize and design sunrooms, decks, and outdoor structures. Spending time with his kids and grandkids, fishing, hunting, and motorcycle riding are all on Tim’s list of favorite things.
raber patio team bg
Edna Schwartz
Furniture Sales
Edna Schwartz enjoys working in the Furniture Sales Department, where she helps customers find and design the perfect furniture for their outdoors. Outside of the workplace, Edna’s interests include reading and traveling.
ed yoder
Ed Yoder
Furniture Assembly-Yard Maintenance
Ed Yoder is the Furniture Assembly-Yard Maintenance man at Raber Patio, and he’s been part of the team since 2021. He enjoys working with his co-workers and interacting with customers, plus fishing, spending time with his grandkids, and working in his hobby shop.
ruth miller
Ruth Miller
Order Processing
Ruth Miller has been involved in Order Processing since 2012. She loves how flexible and fun her job is—it never gets boring! Ruth believes she has the most amazing co-workers, who are one big family. When she’s at home, she enjoys sewing, gardening, and cooking.

Bring Your Outdoor Dreams to Life

Located in Shipshewana, Indiana, Raber Patio is widely known for gorgeous sunrooms, outdoor furniture, pergolas, and other outdoor structures. From enclosing an existing patio—to laying the foundation for your personalized pavilion—we help bring your outdoor dreams to life.

Plus, with names like Lloyd Flanders and Berlin Gardens in stock, you can choose from signature outdoor furniture that supplies comfort for your lifetime (and beyond).

Relax in style in stunning seating arrangements. Or entertain guests on your patio with islands, bars, sofas, and chairs that adjust to your liking. Whether you’re hosting get-togethers or relaxing, we offer custom decks, furniture, and more to ensure you enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

There's no better way to add aesthetics to your landscaping than a space designed for people to gather and relax. So stop by our store or contact us today to get the most value from your home—and love your outdoors even more!