If you’re looking for customizable, long-lasting outdoor furniture, CappellaVue is the answer.

Designed for a lifetime of use, CappellaVue poly furniture brings flexibility and durability to patio décor.

With a color palette to impress any designer, it’s easy to style deck chairs, gliders, tables, and more.

Let your imagination change the way you decorate your backyard and dive in as we take a close look at what makes CappellaVue’s Furniture special.

Attention to Detail

With CappellaVue Furniture, every detail matters.

Each piece of furniture is made from recycled polyethylene (like milk jug material).

Recycled polyethylene is made into poly lumber, which is UV-resistant, never cracks or rots, and can be left outside—year-round.

This weather-resistant alternative to outdoor wooden furniture never needs to be painted or refinished.

Plus, from customizing pavilions to flowerpots, CappellaVue gives you the freedom to personalize every corner of your backyard.

Relax on your porch with a custom-made deck chair, glider, or swing. Or grab a colorful lounge chair and head to the pool.

Deck chairs come in six different varieties. To name a few, there are the:

  • Standard: a heavy-duty deck chair with cupholders
  • HiBoy: similar design to the standard but with straight chair legs
  • Folding: built like the standard chair but easier to move
  • Echo: minimalistic and sleek, takes up less room than the other chairs

The remaining two, Combo and Fish deck chairs, boast built-in footrests. This creates a lounge-like deck chair for those who like to put their feet up after a long day of work.

CappellaVue gliders are noteworthy too, coming with sturdy stainless-steel bases that allow for a 360-degree swivel.

If you enjoy hosting, add a dining table and matching chairs to your deck or pavilion.

Whether you choose a few deck chairs or an entire matching set, CappellaVue’s attention to detail invites others into your creativity and style.

Colorful Options

There’s no shortage of colors with CappellaVue chairs.

Mix and match 13 standard colors to match your house or 8 tropical colors to liven up your poolside lounge chairs.

Plus, five premium wood-grain colors add a rustic look to any outdoor area and make a cozy seating area around a fire table.

The beauty of CappellaVue furniture is the ability to create any color scheme.

With countless bright and muted tones to choose from, your backyard or patio can be as colorful as you like.

Combine any number of colors with one or more pieces and let CappellaVue design your dream outdoor furniture.

Flexible Features

When it comes to decorating outdoors, CappellaVue knows that you want flexibility. That’s why their furniture comes in a variety of styles.

For instance, rockers, benches, porch swings, and gliders have three different chair-back options. Select from the Rollback, Highback, or Adirondack designs to enhance your outdoor seating.

Once again, mix and match patterns or keep things uniform, according to your preference.

Order lawn furniture with or without cup holders and customize whether you want cup holders on both sides or not.

For any two gliders, add an attachable settee table in between for drinks and snacks. Plus, personalize even more with an optional stainless steel bowl.

Choose from hi-gliders, swivel gliders, standard gliders, and two-person gliders with or without a middle console.

No matter what items you pick, CappellaVue designs furniture to be as flexible as your style—for years to come.

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