Outdoor Entertaining on the Deck

A deck is the ideal outdoor space for entertaining guests, to host a family dinner, a neighborhood gathering, or a barbecue! When the weather is nice, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine in an expanded living space type setting. Outdoor furniture from Raber Patios can make your new addition the most desired seating area in your home. It is much more comfortable than lawn chairs; plus, a deck gives you a defined central space for hanging out.

Home Value Increases

A quality deck can increase the value of your home due to being a sought-after feature for future homebuyers who want to see a family-oriented outdoor space. We build on ground level as well and second story, there are  roof deck options if you need them.

Add Curb Appeal

You can create cozy curb appeal with our custom design. There are so many different design options when it comes to Raber Patios decking, which means you can create any kind of look with your deck. You can design it to enhance the existing qualities of your home. Play off what’s already there: build to complement the home’s existing shape, and choose colors to accent the shutters or other features of your home.

We Can Build Decks Quickly

Deck additions can be built in just a few days. If you’re looking to add space to your home this is one of the quickest ways to do so. On the other hand, home additions can take months, but a deck can be completed much more quickly.

Add Space with an Outdoor Deck

A custom built deck from Raber Patios gives you extra space for your family. It gives you a defined area for a grill, furniture, potted plants, and so many other things. You can use it as storage by storing some things underneath to free up the yard.  Railings can be added to enhance the look and safety.

Decks are a Good Investment

The cost of a deck is relatively inexpensive in comparison to other home improvement project and totally worth the investment. Imagine your place in the sun, entertain in luxury; escape in supreme comfort, Raber Patio Enclosures takes deck design to a whole new level. Enjoy nature in a dramatic departure from ordinary planks and drab details, using Clubhouse Decking which is the first of a new generation of PVC decking that incorporates advanced material science, world-class engineering, and patented performance manufacturing to produce a deck that is stunning in every kind of weather. YEAR, AFTER YEAR.

Custom Deck and Railing Installation

Raber Patio Enclosures is the place to go for a custom deck installation. We use only premium decking components, starting with Clubhouse Decking, the strongest in the industry with the finest protective capstock for incredible results.

Clubhouse Decking Keeps It's Color Longer

When you hire Raber Patio Enclosures to build you a custom deck, you can expect the colors you choose to stay vibrant for years to come because Clubhouse Decking is made with Sunshield technology. This isn't new and has been at work in products on more than 5 million homes in North America over the past 30 years. Made to stand up to the harsh effects of sun, rain and humidity, Sunshield helps keep colors looking deep and rich for longer.

Clubhouse Decking is Stronger

A deck is wide open living space with may uses, so you want it to be tough as nails while keeping it's shiny new look for a long time. Clubhouse Decking is made with KoreliteTM technology that provides a dense cell structure for superior strength underfoot. Korelite is engineered for strength, with a higher density top and bottom – just like an I-beam. The foam interior acts like a stress skin panel. This keeps your deck safe from early wear and tear even when you have lots of guests enjoying your home with you.

Realistic Wood Decking Finish

We all love the convenience of composite materials, but natural wood still holds a warmth that is worth duplicating. Clubhouse Decking has an authentic wood look that helps with a low-gloss, slip-resistant finish, the deep grain embossing patterns recreate the warmth and beauty of natural wood. With our proprietary embossing technology, the wood grain pattern is unique on nearly every board for your deck, making your project look more authentic than other low maintenance decking options. When you have Raber Patios Decking team install your custom built deck, you can feel reassured that you will get a well designed, high quality addition to your home that will last.

Deck Warranty

Clubhouse Decking is backed by a limited, transferable lifetime warranty with 25-year limited fade and stain warranty.*

  • Warranted to not fade by more than 5 Delta E (Hunter) Units for a period of 25 years pro-rated from date of installation.
  • Provides high-level of stain resistance to permanent stains resulting from spills of common food and beverages.

Other Services Provided

Designed for year-round living, our patio enclosures and sun rooms can be tailored to fit your lifestyle and will add to the beauty and value of your home. We work with you on your additions to fit your budget, your home, and your lifestyle by providing customer satisfaction and a quality product for families to enjoy, we find our customers more than satisfied with the finished product.

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