You’ve spent many hours on your outdoor space, creating and nurturing beautiful landscaping. The view is great, the weather is getting warmer, and you are getting excited about a great summer of outdoor living and enjoying your creation.

There’s only one thing wrong. It’s going to get hot! Your trees aren’t big enough for good shade yet. You have a beautiful stone patio area for your outdoor furniture, but it’s hard to relax and enjoy the view when the heat bounces off the hard surfaces. Summer weather rarely seems just right.

Pergolas To The Rescue

A pergola from Raber's is the solution you’ve been looking for. Pergolas give that extra touch of class and style, while giving you a shady, yet open area for relaxing in the outdoor breezes. Creating an area of dappled shade creates a cool zone which is perfect for plants and people!

Don’t limit your outdoor entertaining to just the evening hours. With a pergola in your backyard, you can have friends over any time of the day and be comfortable. And you won’t have to provide sunscreen for everyone!

Pergola Options

By now you have probably seen the beautiful pergolas which we can be build on your site. We have many sizes, styles, and materials to choose from. But perhaps you are a person who enjoys an outdoor home improvement project. You want to get your hands dirty, then be able to use your creation with the satisfaction of knowing that you built it yourself. Watching us build your pergola just won’t satisfy your urge to get involved.

We have just the thing for you. Do it yourself pergola kits from Raber's allow you to create your own pergola, on your own schedule. Have the grandkids or family over and make it a fun project day. Do it after work to relax, or save it for a fun weekend build. We have a couple different options for you, depending on your budget, preferred material, how you want to use your pergola, and how much work you want to do.

Berlin Gardens Pergolas

Berlin Gardens Pergolas have that classic, white painted pergola look, but without the maintenance issues of wood. Manufactured from recycled plastic, these pergolas are a stunning addition to any backyard, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy your landscaping in comfort.

Here are some features of a Berlin Gardens vinyl pergola:

  • Free Standing Kit
  • Available in White or Clay colored vinyl
  • 6 in wide straight posts
  • Four beam design
  • Heavy-duty main runners
  • 16 inch overhang
  • Privacy Corner Curtains Available
  • Can be easily anchored to the ground
  • Prices start at $4,098 for 12’ x 12’ model

How Do I Put It Together?

These pergolas are packed in a kit at the factory, which can then be drop shipped to your home, or you can pick it up at the Rabers store. Assembly is as simple, since each pergola kit comes with clear, step-by-step instructions. Every stage of the assembly is illustrated by photos and detailed explanations, which leave you nothing to be confused about.

The list of tools needed for easy assembly is short. If you have a cordless drill or screwdriver, level, wrenches and a hammer, you have everything you will need to complete your vinyl pergola.

Two people are all you need to assemble your pergola in about a half day. Of course, the more the merrier! Each piece of your pergola kit has been carefully crafted and inspected before shipment to assure an accurate fit that makes the project very satisfying to complete.

Of course, after your pergola is completed, you will want to stop by Raber Patios and shop our huge selection of outdoor furniture to complete your outdoor living experience. Chairs, tables, rockers, about anything you can think of can be the finishing touch for your project.

I Want To Build a Totally Custom Pergola

For the ultimate in customization and personal design, as well as versatility, consider a do it yourself pergola kit from Toja Grid. If you prefer a natural wood pergola, whether stained or painted, Toja is your answer. If you want to design something unique that will turn heads, Toja is for you. If you want a pergola that can be covered by vines and climbing plants, Toja will help with that.

Toja Grid is a selection of brackets for assembling a pergola from square posts. You buy the brackets, hardware and accessories from us, and supply your own wood posts and beams. You can design it to look any way you desire. And after you design the basic structure, there are many more options for customizing your pergola to express your creativity.

Below is a list of just some of the options available:

  • Brackets for 4”x4” or 6”x6” posts
  • Brackets for 90 degree corners
  • Brackets for 45 degree bracing
  • Top rafter hanger brackets
  • Post bases, 4 & 5 way corners
  • Hammock hangers, wall & railing brackets
  • Shade sails, planters, candle holders, side table
  • Bracket kits start at about $800

Some of the benefits of using Toja pergola parts to build your special pergola are being able to choose what type of wood you want, all the dimensions and shapes of the finished pergola, and the amenities you want to add on.

One of the biggest benefits of a wood pergola is the ability to have it covered with plants or vines. Plants such as ivy that grow by using suckers, cannot attach to vinyl structures like they can on wood, brick, or stone. Some plants that climb can be used with vinyl, but wood, painted or stained, works much better. If you’ve always dreamed of an ivy or wisteria covered pergola, wood is the material you want.

I Love These Kits, But I’m Not Handy

If you decide you like the style and options of either the Berlin Gardens or Toja Grid pergolas, but you just don’t have the confidence, skills, or energy to actually build it yourself, all is not lost! We here at Raber’s can build it for you. Of course it will cost you more, but then you can sit back with a cool beverage and watch us have all the fun!

The Berlin Gardens pergola will go up quicker, because all the needed materials are included from the factory. For the Toja Grid pergola, either you will need to obtain the wood pieces yourself, or for an extra charge, we can do it for you. If we build your pergola kit for you, we will warranty our workmanship for 1 year.

Contact Us

If building your own pergola kit is something you are interested in learning more about, contact us at (260) 768-7100, or visit send us a message. Better yet, if you are in the area, stop by and see us. You won’t believe all the pergola options we have!