You’re wishing for a beautiful, shaded area, an outdoor kitchen, or a place to relax outdoors.

We get it. We've been there too. That's why we know that a Berlin Gardens Pavilion is the perfect addition to your backyard.

Personalized to match your taste, a Berlin Gardens Pavilion enhances your property while maintaining your peace of mind.

It’s simple. You choose the style and color of your pavilion, and we install it—stress-free.

If you’re interested in adding a focal point to your property or wondering why to invest in a pavilion, Raber Patios can help.

Let’s look at the process of customizing, installing, and maintaining a Berlin Gardens Pavilion.

Pick Your Materials—Wood, Composite, or Vinyl

Before we dive into customization, we’ll look at the materials that make up a Berlin Gardens Pavilion and why they matter.

A Berlin Gardens Pavilion comes with three different material options for the posts—wood, composite over wood, and vinyl over wood.

Although a Berlins Garden Pavilion is customizable and durable, each material comes with pros and cons.

It’s important to consider these factors as you style your pavilion and decide where to place it.

#1 Wooden Pavilions

For a wooden pavilion, we use treated southern pine or untreated cedar wood. Both wood types can be left in their natural state or stained with the color of your choice.

A pavilion—made from either wood type—will have wooden posts, beams, and rafters.

This sets a wooden pavilion apart from the composite and vinyl pavilions, which combine natural and man-made materials.

Depending on your style, you might prefer the look of raw wood.

However, we’ll break down the benefits of staining your wooden pavilion later in this post.

#2 Composite-Covered Pavilions

Composite panels covering southern pine wood are another option for your pavilion.

Unlike wood, composite is a manufactured material that doesn’t rot or crack over time.

Composite-covered posts and beams protect the southern pine underneath from direct contact with rain, snow, sun, hail, and more.

For composite pavilions, we provide the option of painting the panels a clay or white color before installation. Or, if you prefer, you can paint the composite any color you want after installation.

#3 Vinyl-Covered Pavilions

Like composite, our vinyl-covered pavilions provide a smooth exterior and weather protection.

The vinyl pavilion also comes in clay or white color options.

However, in contrast to composite, the vinyl never needs to be painted and is made from 50% recycled material.

The advantage of using recycled material means the vinyl covering your pavilion’s posts and beams won’t crack or fade over time.

No matter which material you select, a Berlin Gardens Pavilion creates an aesthetically pleasing setting where you can relax and enjoy your backyard.

Personalize Your Pavilion

Now that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of our three different materials, let’s talk about personalizing your pavilion.

Stain Options

If you prefer to stain your wooden pavilion, which we recommend, we supply a plethora of options.

For both the treated southern pine and the cedar wood, you can pick from a range of 10 different stain colors. Some of these colors are white, almond, clay, natural, cedar-tone, storm cloud gray, and black.

With flexible options, we make it easy to find the perfect color for your pavilion.

Additionally, Berlin Gardens will stain the rafters, beams, and posts for you before installation.

Roofing Options

Whether you choose wood, composite, or vinyl, all Berlin Gardens Pavilions have the option between metal roofing or shingles—at no additional cost.

We provide seven color variations for shingles, including Weatherwood, Morie Black, and Cobblestone Gray, to name a few.

There’s even more diversity with metal roofing, offering a whopping 16 colors, like Black, Rustic Red, Copper, and Hawaiian Blue.

Providing expertise with both types of roofing, Raber Patio will install your pavilion’s rooftop—professionally.

Post and Size Options

Aside from our color palette, for all Berlin Gardens Pavilions, we distribute posts in 6” x 6” or 8” x 8” sizes.

We can also lay preformed brick around the posts to add a more “finished” look to your pavilion after it is set on concrete.

For extra personalization, consider our vinyl Victorian Pavilion. You can adjust the Victorian Pavilion with round or square posts and arched or straight beams.

Made from treated southern pine, another option is our Hampton Pavilion. The Hampton provides the choice between a classical or regular roof.

Regardless of the features, from the 10’ x 10’ to the 24’ x 40’ pavilion, we sell over 12 different size options.

We even build custom sizes when customers make special requests for their deck or backyard.

Combining your favorite colors, and the perfect dimensions, a Berlin Gardens Pavilion makes your backyard feel personal and enjoyable.

Find the Perfect Place for Your Pavilion

After customization, it’s important to decide where you want to place your pavilion.

  • Do you want it covering your back patio or on top of your deck?
  • Would you like a freestanding pavilion in your backyard?
  • Will you use it for grilling, an outdoor kitchen, or leisure?

Answering these questions will narrow down where you would like to enjoy your pavilion’s benefits.

Once you’ve chosen a location, Raber Patio will lay a concrete pad or install concrete pillars for your pavilion on-site.

A concrete pad creates a space where you can arrange outdoor furniture and decorations on a solid foundation.

On the other hand, concrete pillars provide the elevation and security your pavilion needs but can be founded on the ground rather than on concrete.

Because our work is under contract, you do not need to be present during the installation process—although most customers prefer to be.

Within as little as a week, we will assemble your Berlin Gardens Pavilion and have it ready for use.

Typically, smaller pavilions take 1-2 days to set up, while larger pavilions—like the 24’ x 40’—take 3-4 days.

With our quick installation process, we make it easy to enjoy the outdoors in a Berlin Gardens Pavilion—without our customers breaking a sweat.

Preserve Your Personalized Pavilion

You’ve picked your materials, you’ve customized your pavilion, and you’ve chosen the perfect place for it in your backyard.

But how do you preserve all the beauty of your Berlin Gardens Pavilion for years to come?

One disclaimer is that no matter what material you pick, never place a fire ring in your pavilion without first consulting Raber Patio.

Putting a fire ring inside of your pavilion without the necessary ventilation can cause permanent damage to your Berlin Gardens Pavilion.

In any case, ask Raber Patio to install a gas fire pit or fire table for safety purposes.

We stand behind these products because they provide the warmth and aesthetic you enjoy while preventing any harm to your pavilion.

Now that you’ve heard our precautions, let’s consider the specifics of maintaining your pavilion, depending on the type of material.

#1 Cedar and Southern Pine Upkeep

Naturally, cedar and southern pine wood dry out and crack over time.

Some customers are alarmed by this since they think it reflects the quality of a Berlin Gardens Pavilion.

However, rest assured that wood’s reaction to nature is completely normal.

That’s why Berlin Gardens goes the extra mile to treat the southern pine wood used for their pavilions.

This lamination slows the process of weathering while retaining that beautiful, natural look our customers love.

Additionally, although we use untreated cedar wood, cedar deteriorates slowly and will also stand up to weathering.

As we mentioned earlier, with treated or untreated wood, we encourage staining your wooden pavilion.

Staining adds another layer of protection and makes it possible to preserve your southern pine or cedar pavilion longer—although both wood types will still crack with changes in weather.

To protect your wooden pavilion from weathering, we suggest re-staining the posts and beams every two years.

#2 Composite Maintenance

Because of its durability, a composite pavilion is fairly low maintenance.

This is primarily because composite does not disintegrate over time.

On a composite pavilion, panels are nailed to the top and sides of each post and beam. This means the panels take on the wear and tear of climate changes—instead of the southern pine beneath.

While composite provides ample coverage for your Berlin Gardens Pavilion, one area that requires preservation is the paint.

However, refreshing your paint job every five years is all you need to keep your composite-covered Berlin Gardens Pavilion enjoyable.

#3 Preserving Vinyl

Out of our three material options, vinyl requires the least amount of care.

Instead of paneling—like the composite-covered pavilion—the vinyl is a mold that fits around the posts and beams.

Because of its naturally smooth appearance, a vinyl-covered pavilion does not need to be painted and completely seals out water and snow.

Although it requires less upkeep than wood or composite, one limit to a vinyl-covered pavilion is that we only provide two color options—white and clay.

With that said, vinyl only needs to be washed every two to three years.

This makes a vinyl-covered pavilion the ideal option for you—if you’re hoping for a timeless pavilion with minimal upkeep.

No Worries with Our Workmanship

At Raber Patio, we want our customers to know we have them covered.

From cedar to composite, all our pavilions come with a limited 10-year warranty.

If there are workmanship defects, Berlin Gardens insures the cost of labor. They also replace your pavilion with another pavilion (or necessary pieces) of equal or greater value.

Aside from the framework, the rooftop of a Berlin Gardens Pavilion is long-lasting.

Both the shingles and metal roofing promise to supply at least 25 years of coverage before needing replacement or refreshing.

With your best interest in mind, a Berlin Gardens Pavilion presents the outstanding architecture and elegance you want to enjoy the outdoors.

In the words of Raber Patios’ salesman, Gerald Raber, “From an installer’s point of view…Berlin Gardens Pavilions…are very sturdy. The posts, beams, and fasteners—everything is top-quality.”

Place Your Order

At Raber Patios, we invest in excellent products that reflect the value of our customers.

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That’s why we do more than just assemble a pavilion for you.

At Raber Patio, from customizing to installing your Berlin Gardens Pavilion, we prioritize the small details that mirror your style.

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