If you’re the type who loves being outdoors, or if you only venture out when you have company, you should take a look at our Veranda Jardin Glider. In this post, we'll explore how a glider swing can enhance your outdoor experience.

What is a Veranda Jardin Glider?

A Veranda Jardin Glider is a unique piece of outdoor furniture. Invented in 1973, the idea is pretty basic. Seating for several people, a nice table for eating or playing games, with a cover to protect from the hot sun or rain, and a swinging/gliding motion. It may sound simple, but the value it can add to your outdoor setting is hard to measure.

You can use a glider for anything you would use a picnic table or seating group for. Visiting, reading stories to the grandkids, having a meal or snack, or just watching the world go by. Add to that the ability to softly swing back and forth, and whatever you are doing just may be interrupted by a nap!

Veranda Jardin Gliders are designed with maximum comfort in mind. Generously sized chairs with comfortable, durable fabric, a wide canopy overhead, and a  table large enough for games and snacks. The gliding motion is smooth and controlled, so game pieces won’t go flying, and drinks won’t spill. The gliding mechanism is designed to work so easily that one person can set it in motion.

Made with Top-Quality Construction

Over the years, Veranda Jardin has been continually improving the comfort, design and durability of their products, so you now have the opportunity to enjoy the most advanced gliding patio and garden swing ever made. Raber Patios is one of only two dealers for this product in the US.

Constructed of stainless steel, aluminum, PVC, and weather resistant fabric, these gliders can withstand any climate. They require very little maintenance if you keep them clean and put a little oil on the moving parts occasionally.

Enjoyed by Everyone

Our gliders have been designed specially to provide comfort, enjoyment and above all, safety for all ages. You just know that your glider will be a magnet for your children and grandchildren. It won’t take long until that’s the first place they go when they get outside. The things they can imagine and the places they can go on the glider swing are pretty much endless.

When used by children, safety is always a concern. The low slung design of a Veranda Jardin glider means there is no worries about it tipping over. The table glass is tempered, just in case. And there is plenty of room for 4-8 children, depending on their size and how much they get along!

Anyone older than a child will appreciate the ample size of the seating, as well as the large table. You can easily spread out a meal for 4, or set up a chess game for two, while the other two take a nap. Best of all, on a hot, sunny day, or a drippy day, everyone stays shady and dry. And with the canopy, no sunburn if you do fall asleep!

Perhaps best of all, these gliders are designed to be enjoyed in safety and comfort by those of us who may be older. The low profile and plenty of room between the seat and the table means easy access. Arms on the outside seats provides extra security, and the high seat backs give lots of support. The glider mechanism is also designed to move with little effort.

Test Them For Yourself

We think the best way to experience the benefits of a glider is to visit Raber Patio Enclosures for a visit. Take one for a test swing and see for yourself just how relaxing and fun they can be. Call ahead at (260) 768-7100 or stop in at your convenience.