Adding a deck to your home can be one of the smartest investments you ever make. Not only does a beautiful deck enhance your life, it expands your living space, and best of all, adds to the value of your home.

At Raber Patio Enclosures & Furniture, we have been helping customers add value to their homes for decades, by helping them design and create the best deck for their home and lifestyle. In this blog, we want to give you some pointers that will help jumpstart the process of designing your new deck.

Decide Where to Put Your Deck

It sounds simple, but one of the first things to do when considering adding a deck to your home is go outside and look at your home. Where should you put a deck to get the most use from it? If you plan to use it daily, as a plays pace or for eating outside in summer, can it be placed convenient to the kitchen? Can it be where mom can supervise the children easily? If you already have created a nice landscape, where could a deck, or even a multi-layer deck, be placed to enhance the landscaping?

Is your yard flat, or does it have a dramatic slope, which could be used for a beautiful deck with several levels? Do you have an existing swimming pool that could be made more convenient to the house by connecting it with a deck area?

If you prefer to have a set of patio furniture on the deck, be sure you have plenty of room. Patio furniture uses space, especially if you want to have enough room for outdoor entertaining. Of course, if you get stumped, or just aren’t the creative type, give us a call, and we will come out and give you some ideas.

Choose Deck Materials

Deciding the details of the deck is also something to think about carefully, because a quality deck will last for decades. What material you want to use is a decision that may be guided by your budget.

Wood material is the most economical material, but also comes with more maintenance work over the years, both staining and keeping it in good condition.

Vinyl, or high-grade composite decking material is the next step-up in costs, but has almost no maintenance other than hosing it off, or scrubbing it with a broom and water if it gets dirty. Our premium deck material is AlumaDeck, aluminum decking.

It is one of the safest deck materials on the market, because it is inflammable and has a non-slip surface. And it is actually cooler in summer than our vinyl or composite material, making it safer for kids bare feet in summer. An added benefit of the AlumaDeck material is that the deck is watertight, which can create a dry storage area underneath a two-story deck.

Design Your Deck

The color of your deck can be used to enhance your entire backyard. We have the most color choices available in vinyl and composite materials, and can likely find a color that matches or accents your existing home color. You can have all parts of the deck the same color, or create a combination that really pops.

You can also choose to add a pergola to a deck, a solid roofed section, or a gazebo or pavilion. These also give you added opportunity to add your own personal style, as well as allow you to use your deck when the weather is not clear and sunny.

Lighting is another detail that not only adds charm, but provides safety when you are using the deck in the evening hours. We have many choices for lighting your deck to get the most use from it, including in the caps of stair posts, and on stair steps.

Start the Conversation

Once you have some idea of how you want to use your deck, what your budget is, and where you want it, contact us. You can use the Estimate Form, or call us, (260) 768-7100.

Visiting our store is a great option too. We can show you materials and color samples, projects we have done, and answer any questions you might have. We can also schedule a visit to your property to explore all the options. If you have photos with you, we may also be able to make some suggestions. Ideally, visiting your home allows our professionals to give you the most accurate estimate.