Do you love sitting on your patio or deck but don't enjoy the sun beating down on you? Don't settle for overheating and discomfort.

If you love sunshine and shade in moderation, then a pergola with a motorized roof might be the backyard structure you didn't know you needed.

Wooden Pergola Roof vs Motorized Pergola Roof

Unlike a wooden pergola, a motorized pergola roof means you can adjust how much sunshine comes through the louvres (the metal slats) on especially hot days.

However, a wooden pergola offers space to hang plants, weave a canopy through the wooden beams, or place a pergola canvas on top.

With a motorized pergola roof, you won't need a pergola canvas, canopy, or tarp. So, while a motorized pergola roof provides more practicality, a wooden pergola provides charm and aesthetics to your home.

Whether you prefer the clean, modern lines of a motorized pergola roof or the more natural look of a wooden pergola roof is simply a style preference.

Both a motorized pergola and a wooden roof provide shade for outdoor dining and a space for entertaining guests.

View our motorized pergola options below to figure out which pergola has the roof style and size your back yard, deck, or patio needs.

pergola x by pool

Pergola X Pergola Roof

The Pergola X roof is the standard model for our other two motorized pergola roofs—the Pivot 6 and the Pivot 6 XL.

From this base model comes the quality and comfort custom louvred pergola roofs offer.

Now you can relax underneath a motorized pergola roof—while adjusting how much shade and sun comes through throughout the summer.

pivot 6 pergola on patio

Pivot 6 Pergola Roof

If you're looking for a modern pergola roof for your home, the Pivot 6 pergola fits great in residential settings. This pergola model is well-loved by homeowners, who want extra shade without the bulk of a pavilion or wooden pergola.

The sleek frame and canopy (the louvres) come in 6 standard colors, including white, beige, adobe, gray, bronze, and black.

Mix and match the frame and canopy colors, plus add a fan and lights to your Pivot 6 motorized pergola roof.

Pivot 6 XL Pergola Roof

While the Pivot 6 is well-suited for backyard hangouts, the Pivot 6 XL pergola is made for businesses.

The Pivot 6 XL pergola roof adapts to countless business settings, like restaurants, office firms, and other commercial spaces.

This outdoor structure is also a great option for parks, churches, schools, and more organizations.

With the Pivot 6 XL pergola roof overhead, your business or organization has extra space for outdoor dining, business meetings, phone calls, breaks, and beyond.

Extra customization means you can add accent features to this pergola's frame, while not losing out on the practicality it has to offer.

Choose Your Motorized Pergola Today!

Whether you're a homeowner or a businessowner, you're always looking to improve your environment.

Improving your outdoors can look like remodeling, or it can look like investing in a high-quality outdoor structure.

A pergola with a motorized roof can bring your outdoor space together for cookouts, everyday dining, relaxing, and hosting outdoor events. Or it can add sophistication and class to your business setting.