You’re searching for patio furniture to spruce up your outdoor seating area. Or, maybe you’ve bought a few pieces in the past, but you’re wondering how to maintain chairs, tables, cushions, and more.

You’re left wondering, “does outdoor furniture really hold up to its name”?

Depending on the manufacturer, outdoor furniture isn’t truly weatherproof.

However, at Raber Patio, we stock and sell patio furniture that upholds to all elements.

From Berlin Gardens to Veranda Jardin, our lawn furniture is stylish, durable, and (mostly) weatherproof in every season.

In this post, we’ll discuss the five manufacturers we trust. Plus, how we rate each manufacturer’s outdoor furniture options.

CappellaVue and Berlin Gardens Furniture

Sitting outdoors should be an option even after a rainstorm. That’s why we sell outdoor furniture built with waterproof materials.

For instance, both CappellaVue and Berlin Gardens furniture is assembled with poly lumber and heavy-duty stainless-steel hardware.

The advantage of poly furniture is that it never cracks or rots—even in rainy climates.

This makes it easy to wipe off excess water and still relax when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Additionally, poly lumber is non-absorbent, meaning ice and snow won’t warp or penetrate your furniture when the temperature drops.

Plus, during the summer, our poly furniture doesn’t fade or melt in extreme heat.

While poly lumber is extremely resistant, please note that cleaning it at least a few times a year is necessary.

As a rule of thumb, most poly furniture requires a non-abrasive soap and water cleanse every few months.

Some colors, like white, need to be cleaned more often with a 1:2 ratio of bleach and water.

And those living in coastal areas need to be more aware of hardware potentially rusting.

But other than the usual precautions, CappellaVue and Berlin Gardens Furniture is made for outdoor use everywhere.

When it comes to year-round use and minimal upkeep, we give both manufacturers five stars.

Veranda Jardin and Telescope Furniture

The way you decorate your outdoors has a huge impact on relaxing during your spare time or entertaining guests.

With weather-resistant furniture, bad weather doesn’t need to change whether you relax outside or not.

Veranda Jardin and Telescope furniture is made for spring, summer, and fall.

Both manufacture their furniture with easy-to-clean materials that withstand weather over time.

Powdered coated aluminum or marine grade polymer make up the framework for Telescope’s collections, promising weather-resistance against rain and sunshine.

Plus, vinyl mesh slings provide fade-resistance and comfort for certain lounge chair collections.

Similarly, Veranda Jardin’s metal frames and vinyl mesh canopies supply minimal upkeep in rainy weather.

Unlike poly furniture, though, Veranda Jardin and Telescope’s products require extra care during winter months.

Water, snow, and ice can get trapped inside the metal tubing and expand, so covering this furniture is recommended in cold weather.

For the best results, Veranda Jardin and Telescope sell canvas coverings designed to protect your furniture from freezing temperatures.

Veranda Jardin also offers metal supports to combat snow loads on top of gliders and swings.

However, neither Telescope nor Veranda Jardin cover damage caused by frost or ice.

Flexible, attractive, and mostly useable, we give Veranda Jardin and Telescope furniture 4.5 stars for outdoor use.

Lloyd Flanders

Last, but certainly not least, are our Lloyd Flanders products.

Lloyd Flanders furniture is highly esteemed for its quality and durability during all seasons.

Crafted from non-porous fibers and wrapped around aluminum frames, this wicker furniture holds up to its name—and extreme climates.

After the framing process is complete, a coat of resin and polyester paint make for even more protection.

Unlike most manufactures, Lloyd Flanders does not create furniture coverings, trusting their pieces to withstand all the elements.

Covering pillows and cushions during the wintertime is suggested, although these accessories are also weather-resistant.

When analyzing durability, style, and comfort, we give Lloyd Flanders five stars for weatherproofing their furniture.

Maintaining Outdoor Furniture

While we stand behind our outdoor furniture, please note that maintenance looks different for each manufacturer.

Be aware that leaves, hot beverages, and improper cleaning can discolor certain materials.

Most of our outdoor products require an annual cleaning with warm water and a mild cleanser.

However, some products can handle a mixture of bleach and water to remove stains.

After purchasing a product, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and clean periodically to prevent grime buildup, stains, and abrasions over time.

Find Timeless Outdoor Furniture for Your Yard

Now that you know all about our outdoor furniture options, it’s time to choose the right pieces for your backyard.

If you’re not sure which products suit your style, stop by and let us help you! We understand wanting to invest in furniture that lasts a lifetime.

From purchasing to maintaining each product, our polices (like most of our outdoor furniture) are weatherproof.

Call us today, and we’ll assist you in finding outdoor furniture for any climate.