Super-Easy Super Versatile Fruit Fluff

This yummy dessert takes minutes to prepare, works well with almost any fruit, and can be showcased on a graham or wafer crust... or even a spoon or finger! Whichever gets it to your mouth the quickest!
Super Easy Super Versatile Fruit Fluff
  • 8 oz. cream cheese
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 8 oz Cool Whip (or other prepared whipped topping)
  • Your favorite fresh fruit or fruit pie filling to top
  1. Mix first three ingredients
  2. Gently fold in 8 oz. Cool Whip.
  3. Top with whatever fresh fruit you prefer ~ blueberries and strawberries are delicious! ~ or pie filling works well in a pinch.
This dessert can hold its own as a stand-alone in pretty little cups, or placed on a graham cracker or vanilla wafer crust if you prefer to bring a pie to an event.
Super Easy Super Versatile Fruit Fluff