You have a porch, a back deck, or a Berlin Gardens Pavilion that’s perfect for relaxing outside during the summer and fall. But the cheap chairs from Walmart aren’t holding up, and you need stylish outdoor furniture that will withstand the test of time.

At Raber Patio Enclosures and Furniture, the solution to decorating your backyard is in our name. We sell sunrooms, pavilions, pergolas, decks (and more) accompanied by the outdoor furniture of your choice.

From outdoor structures to the accompanying furniture, we never compromise on providing the best quality. For instance, we sell world-renowned Lloyd Flanders furniture.

Featured in the White House, Buckingham Palace, and elite hotels, Lloyd Flanders outdoor furniture is fit for royalty—and you.

But what makes Lloyd Flanders furniture so incredible? Maybe you’ve never even heard of Lloyd Flanders. No worries. if you’re looking to replace your rusty, broken outdoor furniture, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’ll break down the top 5 facts about Lloyd Flanders furniture and why you should invest in a Lloyd Flanders chair—or two.

1. Lloyd Flanders Furniture Protects Itself

Did you know that outdoor furniture could protect itself? Lloyd Flanders outdoor chairs, tables, and fireplaces are all self-protecting. If you’re thinking outdoor furniture that can hold its own is unheard of—you’re right.

Unlike Lloyd Flanders, many manufacturers design wicker furniture with porous or temporary materials.

However, at Raber Patio, we carry Lloyd Flanders wicker furniture designed with the Lloyd Loom process. The Lloyd Loom process takes non-porous cellulose fibers, twists those fibers into powerful cords, then wraps those cords around aluminum wires.

In basic terms, the Lloyd Loom uses thin fibers to make thicker, stronger cords that are waterproof and sturdy.

But Lloyd Flanders doesn’t stop there.

Wrapping these cords around an aluminum frame makes for even more durability. Plus, after the framing process, the chair is dipped in resin and then coated in polyester paint.

Unlike your average paint, Durium polyester paint is UV resistant, pliable, and doesn’t crack over time.

To summarize, the Lloyd Loom process starts with small spools of non-porous fibers, twists these fibers into larger cords, and then transfers the finished cords to larger spools.

These larger spools are constantly weaving cords around aluminum wires—to prevent burring or cracking during the framing stage. After framing, the chair, table, or fire table is then coated with resin and finished with polyester paint.

The seven-step Lloyd Loom process makes for furniture that is:

  • Designed for all-weather use
  • Non-porous and waterproof
  • Pliable yet durable
  • Sun and fade-resistant

With comprehensive, all-weather protection, Lloyd Flanders outdoor wicker furniture provides the stability and style you need in all seasons.

2. Lloyd Flanders Furniture Lasts More Than a Lifetime

If you have never heard of Lloyd Flanders, you probably didn’t know that outdoor furniture could last for generations.

Even so, there’s a reason Lloyd Flanders is called heirloom furniture.

With nonabsorbent wicker and specially-made frames, Lloyd Flanders furniture is created to impress for more than your lifetime.

Additionally, paired with the framing, Lloyd Flanders makes their outdoor cushions from waterproof Sunbrella or Revolution fabrics. This means you don’t need to bring in your pillows and cushions before it rains—although we recommend covering your furniture and pillows during the winter.

From our experience with Lloyd Flanders furniture, at Raber Patio, we’ve only had to replace cushions after 25 years of use.

We weren’t joking about supplying the best furniture for your backyard.

Made for the sentimental and the sophisticated, Lloyd Flanders holds style and stories you can share with your children, grandchildren—and great-grandchildren.

3. Lloyd Loom Furniture is Made in Michigan

Starting in 1906, the Lloyd Manufacturing Company was founded in Menominee, Michigan.

In 1916, Marshall B. Lloyd perfected the Lloyd Loom process—and today, over 100 years later—employees make and ship Lloyd Loom furniture from the same location.

At Raber Patio, we are proud to partner with Lloyd Flanders and carry on the legacy of their US-made Lloyd Loom furniture.

From the Reflections Collection to the Elements Collection, Lloyd Loom furniture comes with 13 paint color options. Those color variations include 4 shades of white, 5 shades of brown, and 4 shades of gray. Furthermore, each collection boasts 3 or more different chair styles—like armchairs, swivel chairs, and barstools.

With flexible style and color options, you can place your US-made collection on your back porch, under your pavilion—or even indoors in your sunroom or living room.

4. Lloyd Flanders Wicker is Revolutionary

Before Lloyd Flanders, wicker furniture had been handcrafted and utilized for centuries. However, by inventing the Lloyd Loom, Marshall B. Lloyd revolutionized the production of wicker furniture forever.

Instead of using the traditional method of wrapping cane around a wooden frame, Lloyd chose nonporous cords interwoven with aluminum wires.

With Lloyd’s ingenuity, the Lloyd Loom created woven wicker that wasn’t brittle and could weather all climates. Wrapping this flexible wicker around an all-aluminum frame made for even more stability.

Outstanding craftsmanship and beauty made for wicker furniture that was—and continues to be—unparalleled.

Accordingly, Lloyd Flanders made a name for itself that quickly caught the attention of royals and the upper class.

Throughout the 1900s, Lloyd Flanders furniture graced elite homes and hotels—worldwide.

Elegant enough to grace a palace—with the practicality you need for your pavilion—Lloyd Flanders furniture is the perfect complement to your backyard.

5. Lloyd Flanders Furniture is Handcrafted

Over a century later, Lloyd Flanders continues to hold to its world-renowned name.

To this day, frames are welded, wrapped with wicker, and painted by hand.

Crafting furniture by hand allows employees to focus on and perfect each piece. Every sheet of wicker is specifically shaped to fit the hand-welded frames. This process reduces waste and makes stapling and trimming edges clean and sleek.

Additionally, staples are custom-made and stainless steel—designed to securely hold the wicker in place—for years to come.

To finish the furniture, each piece is sprayed with polyester paint and wiped down by hand. Using a cloth to wipe the paint creates the famous, stunning look of Lloyd Flanders furniture that has caught the eyes of royalty.

From framing to finishing, Lloyd Flanders makes next-level, handcrafted outdoor furniture.

Whether you choose a chair or an entire collection, Lloyd Flanders furniture will exceed your expectations.

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