Feel good about upgrading your home with long-lasting decking from Raber Patio.

Our customized decking comes in three material options—composite, PVC, or aluminum.

Beat the heat this summer by investing in a deck that provides the beauty of natural wood (without the work).

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TruNorth Decking

TruNorth Decking supplies variety and class. Choose from 12 solid or variegated hues to give your composite deck that woodgrain look that will last a lifetime.

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Clubhouse Decking

Developed by TruNorth, Clubhouse Decking brings flexibility to your outdoors. Introducing aesthetic options that bend to your style—literally.

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Sunspace AlumaDecks

Aluminum boards that always look and feel cool are the secret component of Sunspace AlumaDecks. Try eco-friendly decking that is fire safe up to 1,220˚ F, low-maintenance, and attractive.

Invest in Your Forever Deck

Finding decking that works for you is easy with the Raber Patio team.

We help you customize everything from colors to styles for your new deck.