Winter hasn’t even arrived in full force and we’re already thinking of summer. But you remember how summer can be? Just when you want to go outside, the sun is beating down. Or if you wait until dark, you have to lug lights to where you want to gather, or get a fire going, which adds to the heat.

We have the perfect solution! Let us build you a backyard pavilion for all your summer activities. You can have a pavilion big enough to host your entire family, or an intimate setting of just a picnic table or a couple chairs.

What’s A Pavilion Good For?

The ways you can use a pavilion are almost as numerous as the people who own one. If you have a swimming pool, you can install a poolside pavilion that not only adds to the look of your pool deck, but gives you a perfect spot of shade after a swim. String some curtains between the corner posts for privacy, or add a grill for poolside parties.

If you prefer to just relax in a green setting, make your pavilion the centerpiece of your landscaping, and equip it with some of our wide range of poly furniture. Add some lighting with an optional electrical package, and you can enjoy getting together with friends long after the sun goes down.

Building a fireplace in your pavilion will give you extra days in spring and fall to enjoy your outdoor setting. Planting shrubs and arranging pots of flowers around the edges of the pavilion will soon provide a cool, shady spot to get away from it all during the middle of summer.

A pavilion doesn’t have to be placed in the middle of your yard. If you have an existing deck or patio connected to your home, a pavilion will extend your living space outside without that long trek across the yard with snacks and toys for the kids. Having a pavilion next to your house allows house parties to expand outside without guests tracking in dirt. The versatility of a pavilion is almost endless!

What Are My Options?

Of course, no structure can add to your home unless it can be built to match your existing home. Our selection of pavilions has numerous choices for style, construction, materials and colors.

We feature Victorian, East Coast, rustic, post and beam, and several other styles. We can match your existing roofing materials if you wish, as well as paint our wood pavilions to match any color you desire. Some of our composite materials can be custom colored. Other models also have choices in decorative details, interior ceilings, and cupolas.

Of course, each model can be totally customized to fit your space. When you stop in and visit our showroom, our experienced staff can help you design a pavilion that is not only the right size, but one that will ad to the resale value of your home in the future.

When Should You Start Planning?

Even though winter is just getting started, and it can be hard to imagine spending much time outside, spring will soon be here. This is the perfect time to come in and talk to us about your ideas for an outside space that you’ve always dreamed of.

Starting now will provide enough time for you to think about exactly what you want and how you might use it, without feeling rushed. Then, as soon as conditions allow, we can get started building your pavilion, so you can enjoy it for the whole summer. Call us at (260) 768-7100 or visit the store to start planning!